The light of the gospel is extinguished without erudition.

What I am saying is true and reasonable.” With these words, the Apostle Paul presented the case for Christ to King Agrippa some two thousand years ago.

Today, Christians are also called upon to make the case for Christ before a skeptical world —at the university, in the workplace, even among family and friends.

This summer, we are pleased to offer two one-week courses that will better prepare you to do just this. The first, Practical Apologetics: The Defense of the Faith is taught by Rev. Dr. Michael Berg (theology) and Dr. Kerry Kuehn (physics). The second is a new offering: Into the Postmodern Wilderness, taught by the Rev. Luke Thompson.

COVID-19 update: As of now (March 19) we have not canceled our summer apologetics courses. We intend to make a final decision by the end of April.

All are still encouraged to register for the course(s). In the event that we need to cancel our summer course, we will provide a full refund of all registration fees.

WLC Professors have gone completely online for the rest of the semester, and have been mandated to clear the dorms (with a few exceptions it seems) as well.